Dunton Consulting offers professional, effective business services in the areas of state funding for worker training, custom training development, and project management.


Our mission is to provide services tailored to your needs that demonstrate a positive and measurable impact on business objectives.


We are experts is the areas of training development, state funding procurement for California worker training, and project management. Dunton Consulting leverages a network of industry experts, allowing us to design scalable solutions tailored to your unique needs.


Dunton Consulting is located in historic Monterey on California's scenic central coast.

Centrally located, we are less than:

  • 20 minutes from Salinas Valley
  • 1.5 hours from the heart of Silicon Valley
  • 2 hours from San Francisco
  • 2.5 hours from San Joaquin Valley

The Monterey Airport makes travel to other destinations easy and convenient.

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