ETP Audits & Monitoring


The ETP Audit Unit selects a sample of projects for audit in accordance with the Government Auditing Standards. The result of the ETP audit can impact your ETP funding. A major technology company was recently ordered to pay back $200,000 due to a failed audit!

Dunton Consulting will provide your company with the tools and guidance to sail-through an ETP audit with confidence!

An ETP audit can occur:

  • Up to four years after the date of termination of the ETP agreement or
  • Three years from the date of the last payment by ETP to the company or
  • Three years from the date of resolution of appeals, audits, claims, exceptions, or litigation, whichever is later

All records must be retained within the control of the company and be available for review at the place of business within the State of California.


Monitoring visits occur after the ETP agreement is approved and permission to start training has been granted. The results of the visit will be documented in a report covering all areas reviewed and will include an assessment of whether the training is meeting the ETP agreement specifications. The outcome of the report has a direct impact on ETP funding. Dunton Consulting will prepare your company to sail-through an ETP Monitor visit with confidence.

During a monitoring visit, an assigned ETP analyst will do any or all of the following bulleted below.

  • Review the number of trainees entering, progressing through, or completing training and/or the retention period of the trainee
  • For new hire training programs, determine if appropriate services are being provided to successful training participants as required by the ETP agreement
  • Review the training schedule
  • Review the curriculum
  • Observe training in session
  • Interview trainers and trainees
  • Review record keeping and daily documentation of training
  • Validate invoices
  • Review subagreements to determine if all specified services are being delivered as specified in the contract
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