ETP Awards ($$$)


The potential for ETP funding is substantial!!! Award amounts can range from thousands to millions of dollars. For example, Seagate Technology recently received an award for $1.5 million dollars (learn more).

The amount of ETP funds available for your company depends on a number of factors. These include:

  • Application development
  • Business challenges
  • Needs analysis
  • Company size
  • Business type
  • Worker wages
  • Worker Locality

Dunton Consulting provides the guidance and resources to maximize your total award!


Performance Based

Your payments are linked to your performance. The ETP program is performance-based, providing funds for eligible employees who successfully complete training and are retained for a specified period of time.

If your application is successful and the contract is approved, the panel will determine your approval amount. This amount represents the funding available during the contract period.

Funds will be provided to your company as Progress Payments and a Final Payment based on performance.

Fiscal Closeout

During fiscal closeout, ETP determines the actual amount of Payment Earned for all trainees, reconciling the Final Payment with Progress Payments. Following fiscal closeout, overpayment notices may be served in some cases. This underscores the importance of having a well-developed training plan.

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