ETP Requirements

Requirements Overview

The following are general requirements for ETP program participation. Contact Dunton Consulting for a free consultation.

  • Companies applying for ETP funds need a valid California Employer Account Number (CEAN).
  • Companies must be for-profit, have out-of-state competition, and produce an exportable product or service (with some exceptions).
  • Employees eligible for training funding must be full-time (35 hrs) and meet a minimum pay rate. Minimum pay rate is determined by a number of criteria including industry, county, and special workforce challenges.
  • Eligible employees must complete at least 24 hours of instruction during the term dates of the ETP agreement (a 24 month window) in the approved curriculum.
  • ETP is performance-based, which means that reimbursement is earned when a trainee completes all training hours in the appropriate curriculum and is retained on the job for 90 days after completion of training.
  • Funding is only for training provided within the term dates of an approved Agreement.
  • Training methods can include instructor-led, lab, video conferencing, eLearning, and computer-based training (CBT).
  • Records verifying delivery of training must be maintained and made available to ETP staff for review, approval, and audit.
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