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CTB is the leading publisher of standardized achievement tests for children and adults. With a staff of doctoral-level researchers, scientists, mathematicians, writers, and editors, CTB assists thousands of school districts across the nation and score more than 20 million test documents each year. Other CTB services include Internet reporting and web-based information delivery systems; Presentations to decision-makers in district, diocese, state, or government groups; Test security planning; Software training for educators, curriculum developers, and administrators.


Serve as Project Manager for the California English Language Development Test (CELDT) responsible for scoring and reporting of 1,000 districts, 10,000 schools, and 1.7 million students annually. Develop and implement a secure online system for district coordinators to update student biographical information prior to report generation.

The CELDT is a multi-year contract awarded to CTB/McGraw-Hill by the California Department of Education (CDE). It is worth in excess of $20 million in revenue and has major strategic importance to the CTB/McGraw-Hill. The CELDT is also critically important to the CDE, 1000 California School Districts, 10,000 California Schools, and the 1.7 million California students it serves. District and school funding are directly tied to test compliance.


CDE requested the development of new online utility that would allow district coordinators the ability to securely update student biographical information prior to reporting to increase district and school compliance. The online utility was named Easy Post-Test Check.

Jason worked closely with CDE to develop the requirements, technical specifications, implementation plan, and ultimately the launch of the utility during the live testing cycle. Responsibilities included: lead application development and testing; training and communications for CDE, district coordinators, and help desk staff; and implementation into the live CELDT program.


Easy Post-Test Check, the secure biographical update utility, was successfully implemented into the live CELDT contract, and subsequent CELDT contracts. The utility allowed for greater accuracy in reporting of District data, and increased compliance and funding for California school districts. This utility was then leveraged for other state testing contracts and made available as part a suite of eBusiness tools known collectively as Navigator. Jason functioned as business lead for the development and implementation of other eBusiness utilities including Real Time File Sharing, and Easy Student ID Upload which were initially developed for the CELDT contract. These innovations have had a significant and lasting impact for CTB/McGraw-Hill and the state, districts, schools, and students it serves.

Jason was responsible for a number of state assessment contracts and product development projects during his tenure at CTB/McGraw-Hill holding a number of key positions including online commerce specialist, and program schedule analyst.

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